Kat’s Botanicals Chill Relief CBD Roll On
January 4, 2021
Kat’s Botanicals Natural CBD Oil
January 4, 2021

Kat’s Botanicals Banana OG CBD Vape Pen

Ingredients: 250mg of full spectrum distillate CBD oil and botanicals terpenes
Amount: .5ml
For a delicious new way to enhance your CBD experience, Kats Botanicals now offer a fruity flavored Banana OG Terpene Pen. The vape pen contains Full Spectrum CBD Distillate oil.
Derived from organic Banana OG hemp plants with a concentrated blend of terpenes to give it its distinctive and delicious banana aroma.
Terpenes are designed to work synergistically with cannabinoids in your body to deliver powerful wellness benefits including:
Inducing a sense of calm
Enhance your well being
Promoting improved focus and cognition
Navigating stressful situations
Fast relief you can truly feel
If you want to boost your daily wellness routine, or enjoy a sense of calm throughout the day, the Kats Botanicals Banana OG Terpene Pen is a portable, convenient, and delicious way to achieve your health goals.