Quant Vaporizers Marble Finish Vaporizer
January 5, 2021
Quant Vaporizers Genius Gunmetal Grey Pipe
January 5, 2021

Quant Vaporizers Premium Electric Grinder

Introducing the powerful Quant electric grinder!
Grinding dry materials has never been easier! Simply screw off the top, place materials within, position upright and press button for just 10 seconds. Grinder blades spin at a staggering 24,000 RPM, making light work of even the stickiest material.
Engineered from stainless steel, the Quant Electric Grinder is built to last, available in matte black and matte white, with shiny stainless steel polished finish.
For convenience in dispensing the flower, has a magnetic removable cap and extrusion nozzle. Once everything is ground, cap is easily removed and Dry Materials can be applied. Best dispensed with a tap and let gravity do the work. It’s the perfect wing man for the Quant Dry Material Vaporizer!
In addition, has ample storage capacity for multiple sessions. Make grinding material stress free with the revolutionary Quant electric grinder that’s built to last.